Meet the team

Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, researchers, and patients are highly experienced at running complex clinical trials in the field of head and neck cancer.

Chief Investigators

  • Professor Hisham Mehanna

    Professor Hisham Mehanna

  • Dr Paul Nankivell

    Dr Paul Nankivell

  • Research Team

  • Dr Jo Brett

    Dr Jo Brett

  • Professor Melanie Calvert

    Professor Melanie Calvert

  • Janine Dretke

    Janine Dretke

  • Professor Joan Duda

    Professor Joan Duda

  • Tessa Fulton-Lieuw

  • Mr Piers Gaunt

    Mr Piers Gaunt

  • Professor George Gkoutos

    Professor George Gkoutos

  • Professor Colin Greaves

    Professor Colin Greaves

  • Dr Marcus Jepson

    Dr Marcus Jepson

  • Dr Andreas Karwath

    Dr Andreas Karwath

  • Mr Philip Kiely

    Mr Philip Kiely

  • Dr Ava Lorenc

    Dr Ava Lorenc

  • Dr Lauren Matheson

    Dr Lauren Matheson

  • Dr Saloni Mittal

    Dr Saloni Mittal

  • Dr David Moore

    Dr David Moore

  • Dr Gozde Ozakinci

    Dr Gozde Ozakinci

  • Professor Steve Thomas

    Professor Steve Thomas

  • Professor Eila Watson

    Professor Eila Watson

  • Professor Mary Wells

    Professor Mary Wells

  • Professor Stuart Winter

    Professor Stuart Winter

  • Dr Jane Wolstenholme

    Dr Jane Wolstenholme

  • Dr Wailup Wong

    Dr Wailup Wong

  • CRCTU Team

  • Miss Claire Gaunt

    Miss Claire Gaunt

  • Mrs Yolande Jefferson-Hulme

    Mrs Yolande Jefferson-Hulme

  • Dr Evaggelia Liaskou

    Dr Evaggelia Liaskou

  • Julia Sissons

    Julia Sissons

  • Patient Advisory Group

    The PETNECK 2 Patient Advisory Group (also known as PAG) is made up of 9 members – 8 Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) survivors and 1 carer.

  • Denis Secher

  • Pat Rhodes

  • Malcolm Babb

  • Pete Brady

    Pete Brady

  • Joanna Hyde

  • Andrew Hyde

  • Ralph Goodson

  • Beatrice Rubens