Randomised Control Trial


The clinical study will test the new patient-led follow-up approach and compare it to the existing standard of care clinic-led follow-up.

Number of Participants

698 eligible head and neck cancer patients nationally.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Head and neck cancer patients, at around 1 year after finishing treatment
  2. Aged 18 years or older
  3. Written informed consent by the patients.

Trial Schema

RCT Trial Schema.svg

Optional additional parts of the clinical study

  1. Interviews so that we can understand patients’ experiences of both types of follow-up and how it affects their fear of cancer recurrence.
  2. Collection of blood, tissue and saliva from head and neck cancer patients so that scientists can study how the cancer cells work.
  3. Interviews to understand how doctors and nurses explain the PETNECK2 study to patients (also called QRI study). For more information on the QRI please visit: https://www.bristol.ac.uk/population-health-sciences/research/groups/social-sciences-health/quintet/

RCT Overview

Chief Investigator: Prof Hisham Mehanna
Status: Not yet open
CPMS ID: 50360
Open to new sites? Yes
Anticipated recruitment start date: September 2022
Anticipated recruitment end date: August 2025
Email address: PETNECK2@trials.bham.ac.uk

More information for healthcare professionals - please click here